Soft Skill Training

The soft skill training program enhances Self-confidence, positive attitude, motivation, self-esteem, and empowering self. Our program focuses on Maintaining relationships, managing conflict, open communication, taking challenges, Time management, Goal setting and achievement for success and more.

We also focus on other key points as given below:

     - Assertiveness
     - Business Etiquette
     - Business Writing
     - Change Management
     - Coaching and Mentoring
     - Communication skills
     - Conflict Resolution
     - Creative Thinking
     - Cross Cultural
     - Customer Service
     - Sales Training
     - Personality Development
     - Stress Management
     - Building the Team
     - Email Writing
     - Emotional Intelligence
     - English Language
     - Interviewing Skills
     - Manager Training
     - Motivation
     - Negotiation skills
     - Presentation skills
     - Problem Solving
     - Retail training
     - Telephone Etiquette
     - Time Management
     - Training the Trainers
     - Accent Training

About us:

Indian Academy of Corporate Training was started in the year 2008. We conduct corporate training programs both outbound and inhouse; primarily soft skill training, team building workshops, leadership development programs with our experienced world class corporate trainers.


D29, Golden Jubilee Apts,

Anna Main Road,

KK nagar,

Chennai 600 078